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18 Best Landing Page Examples

Would you alternatively have a lovely internet site or a internet site your clients love?

From a enterprise angle, you shouldn’t pick out both. You have to want a high-changing website, rather.

Ultimately, it doesn’t count number how excellent your website seems if it doesn’t convert. At the same time, if your customers are buying from your store, they probably like using it.

Many people get stuck inside the lure of creating designs they prefer with out thinking about what their prospective buyers need and want. Unfortunately, this creates a leaky funnel that’s hard to fix.

But if you want to dollar that trend and create touchdown pages that convert, I’m here to assist. In this newsletter, we’ll have a look at 18 of the quality touchdown pages from a extensive variety of businesses.

We’ll cross over every one’s strengths and weaknesses, so you’ll have the ability to stroll away understanding what it takes to create a high-changing landing web page for your business.

The Best 18 Landing Page Examples
Below you’ll discover my list of the 18 pleasant landing pages. I’ll be judging them for conversions, provide, design, and client experience.

1. Get Response

Get Response is a extremely good instance of a landing web page that has all of it. Powerful headline, take a look at. Eye-catching image, take a look at. List of modern clients, test. List of functions, take a look at, You get the concept.

It’s quite long, however that simply gives the Get Response team extra to convince you to create a free account. And there are masses of CTAs along the manner in case you overlooked the only on the very pinnacle of the web page.

Three takeaways from Get Response’s landing page:

Highlight your replica to make it even extra impactful. Get Response highlights crucial words and phrases at some point of the touchdown web page, drawing your interest to them and making their replica pop.
Use a couple of CTAs. Because Get Response’s touchdown web page is so long, they scatter it with CTAs at the quit of every section.
Engage customers with imagery. Get Response features a load of pleasant faces on their landing page, which help to construct an immediately connection with customers.
2. Slack

Slack is usually on top of its game in terms of developing a number of the high-quality landing pages. They are continuously optimizing for conversions and that’s the nice manner to discover your triumphing landing web page. What makes Slack’s touchdown web page stand apart is its messaging. The business enterprise doesn’t want you to just think of Slack as a messaging device. Today, it’s so much more than that — and that’s what this landing page is attempting to get throughout.

Three takeaways from Slack’s landing page:

Keep your navigation bar bare. Slack simplest includes the most essential factors in the navigation bar on this landing page: letting contemporary consumer login and potential users speak to sales.

Show the difference between unfastened and premium. If you have a popular loose version, use your landing page as a danger to reveal what users are missing out on by means of now not upgrading.
Give them a reduction. Money off can be a huge promote for brand spanking new users, and just the type of component that can persuade them to convert.

3. Intercom

Intercom has created an extremely relevant landing web page that leverages the contemporary hype round AI. But they aren’t doing it for the sake of it. Instead, they’ve got some very cool AI-powered functions that this web page highlights — the sort of features that customers like to pay attention about proper now.

Three takeaways from Intercom’s touchdown web page:

Be timely and applicable. I’d guess my bottom greenback this wasn’t a touchdown web page Intercom used a 12 months ago. But AI is so large right now, they’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon.
Back it up with stats. Intercom makes a few pretty formidable claims, but it helps them with cold tough data.
Use believe badges. Intercom’s landing web page is dotted with trust badges from the likes of G2 and Capterra, including instant credibility to their imparting.

4. Lyft

Lyft has been developing within the beyond years, and its internet site, touchdown web page, and typical on-line funnel is a riding pressure, too. They focus on attracting new drivers that want to control their own lifestyles.

Once again, we see a large, interest-grabbing headline that entices customers. Now take a look at out the button “Apply to drive.” It means that it’s not 100 percentage certain you’ll be capable of get the placement — which makes it even greater attractive at the same time as additionally preventing applicants from getting over excited.

Three takeaways from Lyft’s touchdown web page:

Make a point along with your pics. I’d guess Lyft wants to entice lady drivers, that is exactly why they’ve selected the function image on the touchdown page.
Customize information requests. Most landing pages ask for an email. But due to the fact Lyft is an app, it asks on your phone wide variety rather.
Link off to learn extra. You don’t need to overwhelm customers with records on a landing page, that’s why linking to different pages (as Lyft has performed) can be a beneficial method.

Five. Zoho

Zoho’s landing page is a extremely good instance of a greater complete-on, however nevertheless extremely powerful messaging. They use extra text than the average landing page within the industry, however that’s not always bad. It simply means users have greater records to come to a decision. And in a crowded industry just like the CRM area, that can be a especially effective thing.

Three takeaways from Zoho’s touchdown page:

Give your users a why. Don’t let users bet how your software program stands proud. Show them precisely why they have to use your software.
Show how you compare. Comparison tables are a fairly powerful way to face out in a crowded market.
Talk price. If fee is a USP for your brand, then point out it. Zoho indicates how a great deal customers can store by means of the use of them rather than a competitor like Salesforce.
6. Squarespace

Squarespace is a contender for the shortest landing web page ever. Seriously, there’s no longer a lot extra to it than the screenshot I’ve taken above. But that doesn’t suggest it isn’t powerful.

Rather than looking to get you to create an account, all Squarespace desires you to do here is examine the templates. I reckon they realize that when you see how true the templates are and how smooth the platform is to use, you’ll be hooked.

Three takeaways from Squarespace’s touchdown web page:

Short may be candy. You don’t need to have a huge touchdown page to persuade users to take action. A couple of attractive advantages may be all you need.
You don’t need tons shade. Everyone knows color may be used to deliver emotion to users. But it’s not critical. And as it’s no longer on-brand for Squarespace, it’s now not used.
The rule of three. Three is a magic variety in advertising and Squarespace uses it to get across their center USPs.

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