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History of Google & its Advance Algorithms

Google Algorithms
The factor which contributed significantly to Google’s success was its patented algorithm for ranking search results. Google has developed several secret algorithms to determine its ranking. These features were kept secret to cope with the spamming and black hat SEO issue. Google displays search results on a priority rank basis called “PageRank”. PageRank is Google’s most popular and oldest search algorithm, and numerous webmasters became eager to improve their website’s ranking at Google. It is to enhance search quality by maintaining the relevancy of keywords.

Objective of Algorithms
The objective and guidelines have been issued by Google for websites to raise their appearance. It clarifies google’s ranking system and understands how google reacts when we publish our content. Below we have some key points that help you to understand why algorithms are introduced.

Provide you most useful information against a query
To add relevant links to your site.
Repetition of a keyword within the body of content.
Rank website on the fair basis of SEO score.
Get monetary benefits if you follow algorithms in the right way.
Employing legitimate optimization techniques.
The algorithm gave rise to your marketing strategy.
The Google algorithm uses query expansions, including stemming, acronyms, spelling mistakes, and translations, to provide you with the best results.
Google’s spam checking algorithms always save users from frauds, viruses by penalizing their website.


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