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The Optimal Posting Frequency and Content Length for Each Social Network

It was once that the greater often you post at the social internet, the more likes, followers, and engagement you will get.

But with over 1.1 billion pieces of content being posted a day on social media, social networks don’t lack content material.


They lack exceptional content material.

To give you context, whilst we analyzed 5,204,391 social media posts over a 30-day duration, 59.41% of them had no engagement.

Now if that percentage contains via at the identical rate, meaning if 1.1 billion portions of content material are being published each day, over 653 million of them got no likes, no remarks, no shares… in essence no engagement.

So just posting content in mass quantity doesn’t help anymore.

Assuming you have best content material, what’s the ideal posting frequency? Or even the period of your content?


Let’s start with content material duration.

Ideal content length
Before I ruin down the perfect length, preserve in mind it become based totally on a sample length of two,384,083 portions of content material.


If the content material is motivational you should maintain your text round 14 to 21 words. But in case your content material is focused on amusement, nine to 35 phrases achieved the quality.

For instructional content, 173 phrases lengthy on average finished the first-rate.

Also, I understand X says it’s miles a video-first platform, however text on common accomplished higher from the sample we analyzed.

When publishing reels, assuming their cognizance is amusement, 11 to 17-2nd-long movies completed the exceptional.

For instructional ones, users desired films that were 38 to 51 seconds lengthy.

Now if you are publishing carousels, they must be 7 to ten slides lengthy. But the key’s to use a hook on slide 1 AND slide 2. Just having a hook on slide 1 isn’t sufficient… the engagement gained’t be as high.

Short-shape films must be 40 to 46 seconds lengthy. And along side the fast-shape video don’t forget the use of a sentence or of text-based content material that carries a hook.


Long-from motion pictures ought to be three to four minutes lengthy. You can cross up to ten mins lengthy on LinkedIn, but motion pictures that have been 3 to 4 mins lengthy performed better than those who had been longer.

As for textual content, it should be 20 to 38 words long if motivational. But if you are focusing on educational content, 291 phrases lengthy on common achieved the fine.

If you’re making interesting movies, 18 to 31 seconds long creates the most engagement.

But in case your focus is educational content material, films that were 42 to fifty four seconds lengthy generated greater engagement.

Shorts have to be 28 to 33 seconds long if exciting. And forty one to 57 seconds long if educational.

Long-form motion pictures completed the high-quality if they were on average 7 minutes and nine seconds lengthy.


You can create longer-shape videos however we didn’t see engagement pass up by means of lots… there have been diminishing returns when developing content material that is over 20 minutes.

This is the element you gained’t like.


We tried looking for patterns on Facebook… we in all likelihood might locate them if we analyzed a far bigger pool of content… permit’s say 10 or 20 million… however on Facebook we didn’t see any actual styles.

It didn’t rely if the content material became short, or lengthy… we just couldn’t find a positive length assisting force greater engagement.

In preferred, on Facebook, maximum content material wasn’t getting engagement. It was one of the worst-appearing networks (for organic reach).

Now let’s observe posting frequency.

Posting frequency
To parent out the proper posting frequency we looked at 332,490 social media money owed inside the last 30 days.

The results have been interesting in step with network.

You should ideally put up as a minimum 3 instances an afternoon.

See, X is exclusive than most systems.

Whether your content material is super or terrible, posting extra frequently doesn’t harm your general account’s attain.


So if you post 3 or four instances an afternoon if not even more… assuming you have the time… you can quick inform what works on social media and what doesn’t. In different words, you are the use of X as a trying out mattress on your content.

You can then use your hits and post them on the final social networks as they are a chunk greater choose on posting frequency.

So when you publish on the closing networks in the list under you’ll want to post handiest your good stuff.

Post/Reels – 1 to 2 times a day.

Stories – 2 to four a day.

Live – at least as soon as per week… ideally 2 or three instances.

With Instagram, we noticed that if someone posts greater than 2 instances a day, their attain is affected for the preceding content that they posted.


The ultimate thing you need to do isn’t always supply your content a honest chance.

Post – 1 a day

LinkedIn is just like Instagram. If you put up too frequently it may harm the reach of your previously posted content material.


For that purpose, you ought to only put up once a day.

If you want to post greater than as soon as, it’s high-quality, however try and keep your posts at the least 7 hours apart.


TikTok desires you to put up content, ideally 1 to three instances a day, however closer to the 3 mark than the 1 mark.

If you don’t have too much time to post on TikTok it hurts your account.

For example, if you put up as soon as a week it takes longer for your account to build up momentum and it doesn’t assist along with your destiny reach, even in case your content material is wonderful.

But in case you submit excellent content material a few instances an afternoon, not best does it help building up the authority of your account, but you’ll locate that your content material will generate more perspectives as compared to spreading the same content out over large time windows.

You must ideally publish 1 quick-form video an afternoon (YouTube shorts) and 1 long shape an afternoon.

But ensure you don’t post them lower back-to-returned… unfold them out through at the least five hours.

If you could’t publish an extended-form video every day, it isn’t as huge of a deal… try to submit at the least once a week worst case.


But for quick-shape videos, you should try to post one a day.

Similar to the look at we did on content material period, we couldn’t discover a sample in posting frequency on Facebook.

When someone published plenty or a little, we didn’t see patterns exchange an awful lot in any respect in engagement.

I do think there are styles for Facebook, we simply want to analyze greater money owed to find them.

Use the above data as a guide.


You don’t need to follow it exactly but use it most likely of thumb.

And if your content is surely superb like Mr Beast, it doesn’t depend in case you submit less regularly or more frequently… the systems reward you either manner.

Amazing content material trumps all.

But this is hard for a lot of us to create, specifically if you are growing B2B content material.

How frequently do you submit on social media?

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