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The Vital SEO Guide to Bing Webmaster Tools

If you’re an SEO seasoned, there’s an amazing hazard you spend most of your time and recognition optimizing for Google’s seek engine result web page (SERP).

No one could fault you. After all, Google is the most famous seek engine on earth.

There’s a motive such a lot of people use Google Search Console and Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to make search engine marketing choices: They’re terrific tools.

However, they’re a ways from the simplest ones accessible.

In reality, what if I told you that Bing—yes, Bing—gives a super platform to assist manage your search engine marketing?

As it turns out, there’s a compelling use case for Bing Webmaster Tools, the platform that Bing offers SEOs and site owners to gauge their overall performance on a search engine that greater than 100 million each day lively users believe.

What Is Bing Webmaster Tools?

Bing Webmaster Tools is Microsoft’s webmaster device to assess how your website performs on Bing. It gives insights into how Bing crawls, indexes, and ranks your web page’s pages. Think of it as a type of “Bing Search Console.”

Why Bing Is Important For search engine optimization

Everyone knows that Google is the leader in seek because it’s the dominant seek engine. That doesn’t suggest you must ignore Bing, but. Bing is 2nd with simply over nine percent of the computing device international search engine marketplace. That method you might miss out on a lot of traffic if you optimize simplest for Google.

Why? Well, Bing emphasizes exclusive ranking elements than Google. Bing needs actual key-word matches in name tags, meta descriptions, domains, and main headers like H1 and H2 tags.

Bing additionally looks at social signals as ranking factors. That way you’ll rank higher in search consequences whilst greater human beings share your content on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This is critical when seeking out approaches to cut your Bing Ads charges or set up buying campaigns to pressure traffic for the duration of the vacation season.

Getting Started With Bing Webmaster Tools

Getting began with Bing Webmaster Tools is a honest procedure with a handful of steps. You (or someone on your team) will need to do the following:

Sign up for a Microsoft account if you don’t already use one. Sometimes, you could even use an current Google or Facebook account to open one and share a unmarried Bing Webmaster Tools login.

Head to Bing Webmaster Tools and import your present web sites from Google Search Console or add your website online manually. If you select the second alternative, you’ll ought to verify possession by way of including metatags or uploading an HTML file. The Bing Webmaster Tools verification process is important to getting the whole lot up and strolling.

Give Bingbot some time to move slowly your demonstrated website online.

Explore the gear and data to be had in your website online in the Bing Webmaster Tools platform (greater in this later inside the weblog).

Set up email notifications and integrate Bing facts into your reporting.

Use insights to perceive Bing-precise SEO opportunities.

It may take time to alter as you add Bing on your existing workflow, but you’ll capture on quickly. Once you have a very good handle, use its insights and gear to deliver big wins on your emblem or customers.

Bing Webmaster Tools Features

OK, so we know that Bing is essential for seek. How do you leverage its webmaster equipment to maximize their effect? Let’s take a better take a look at their capabilities.


The home tab summarizes all available reports and gear. You received’t be able to see info on your Bing analytics until forty eight hours after records collection and processing begins, so be patient.

Search Performance

The seek performance section gives targeted metrics for your web site’s performance within Bing. This is wherein you may view clicks, impressions consistent with web page and keyword, and statistical traits over the past six months. It additionally consists of Page visitors and Search keyword reviews. This is one of the most crucial Bing search gear, so pay near interest.

URL Inspection

The Bing URL inspection device helps you to investigate Bing’s indexed model of precise URLs. You can also look at variations of your internet site with capacity indexing or crawl mistakes problems. Sometimes, these issues pop up whilst Bing has trouble with the following:

Crawling your web site

Processing your content material

Pages that may not adhere to Bing Webmaster guidelines

search engine optimization or schema troubles

Site Explorer

Navigate your internet site’s structure and identity with the Site Explorer tool. This function lets you discover or discover troubles with particular URLs. Think of common hassle spots like redirects, move slowly problems, or robots.Txt-affected URLs.


XML sitemaps are a giant part of effective SEO campaigns. Building them out well is essential to the startup process. Bing Webmaster Tools details all acknowledged sitemaps that Bing can check and supplies move slowly and processing data. You may even post new sitemaps and resubmit recognized ones with a single click.

URL Submission

URL submission helps you to put up URLs for fast crawls and indexing. You also can view the history of any formerly submitted URLs. This characteristic can help Bing pick up your content faster, doubtlessly boosting your website’s seek overall performance.

User Management

Whether you have a small internal crew or accomplice with an organization to handle your search engine optimization wishes, this tool helps you to add other users in your website. Maintain distinctive permission levels to make certain anybody who wishes it has good enough approach to manipulate search engine marketing overall performance.


Of path, the actual meat and potatoes of the platform are the Bing search engine optimization gear. Each plays a massive function in constructing and managing your SEO approach. Here’s a rundown:


Backlinks are crucial for search engine marketing performance, and Bing Webmaster Tools reviews to your web page’s one way link profile, such as:

The number of referring pages

Specific referring domain names

Anchor texts

Site Scan

Site experiment is a cool function that lets you audit your website online on call for. Crawl the web page and take a look at for common technical search engine marketing problems. Fix something you discover to make your web site friendlier to search engines and customers.

Crawl Control

Crawl control lets you manipulate how speedy Bingbot requests pages and assets for your website. It’s no longer a typically used function, however it’s one you still want to be acquainted with.

Block URLs

With Block URLs, you can temporarily block pages or directory URLs from showing up for Bing searchers. It’s a valuable tool whilst you need to shop for time to trade a page’s metadata or take it down for numerous reasons.

Robots.Txt Testing

The Robots.Txt tester analyzes the robots.Txt record. It also highlights troubles that prevent Bing or other robots from optimally crawling your web site.

Page Traffic

Page site visitors affords analytics to your top landing pages and referrals. It’s a splendid tool to view graphs for standard traffic tendencies over custom date tiers, and it helps you to clear out via u . S . Or different dimensions. You can frequently see information on the top seek queries that pressure visitors in your web site.

How To Use Bing Webmaster Tools

With Bing Webmaster Tools’ powerful options at your disposal, you’re likely trying to figure out how fine to use it. As you tinker with it, consider taking the following steps, a lot of which follow SEO first-class practices:

Monitor your keywords. Check search performance metrics on your top key phrases. Use the reports to search for growing keywords to optimize for and falling ones to research in addition.

Fix any technical errors. Run website online scans often. You’ll quick find technical search engine marketing problems like damaged hyperlinks or replica content. Fixing these troubles can directly enhance your Bing search scores.

Enhance your on-web page search engine marketing. Analyze top-appearing pages for opportunities to improve your name tags, meta descriptions, header tags, and content material.

Build links. Site Explorer lets you research competition’ one way link profiles. You can become aware of relevant web sites to reach out to to your link-constructing efforts.

Optimize navigation. Study your users’ click on-thru behaviors in the Page Traffic segment to improve your site’s architecture, menus, inner linking, and user trips.

Update your sitemaps. Add new or modified pages to XML sitemaps. This lets Bing crawl them correctly. Fix any detected sitemap problems to reduce negative consequences.

Monitor your pages’ indexation. Use URL inspection to diagnose and clear up problems that save you Bing from indexing the ones pages.

Compare consequences to Google. You have get admission to to records from each engines like google. Use it! Compare variations between Google and Bing keyword, site visitors, and indexing patterns. Optimize therefore.

Set email indicators for key warnings. Stay updated on traffic changes, indexation troubles, and warnings with real-time signals.

The TL;DR? You’ll probable use Bing Webmaster Tools a lot as you would Google Search Console and GA4 to optimize your website for higher seek overall performance.

Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Search Console: What Makes Them Different?

You’re probable asking why you need to apply  distinctive search engine marketing tool sets if GSC is so comprehensive. That’s a honest question. However, Bing Webmaster Tools does provide precise features that make it well worth a more in-depth look. Let’s explore how they fluctuate.

Crawl Stats

Google gives more granular move slowly information like pages listed, move slowly rate, and greater. Bing’s restricted crawl stats might seem like a disadvantage, but it makes up for this with richer click on, impression, and ranking information.

Winner: Toss-up

Technical Issues

If you want to get in the weeds with technical SEO, Google’s got you included. It provides sizable details on specific technical troubles like reproduction name tags. Bing’s attention is more on high-degree technical guidelines.

Winner: Toss-up

User Data

Google’s specific reporting on geographic, tool, browser, and question records blows Bing’s user segmentation information out of the water. The latter just doesn’t have that a lot records to proportion.

Winner: Google


Bing emphasizes XML sitemaps greater heavily for indexation signals. Google makes use of them, too, however to a lesser extent.

Winner: Toss-up

Algorithm Differences

Google and Bing have distinct algorithms that result in variations in how they deal with things like duplicate content, key phrases, and web page velocity.

Winner: N/A

Backlink Analysis

Bing makes use of effective integrated equipment to carry out a backlink analysis. Google relies on 0.33-party equipment for inbound link tests.

Winner: Bing

Link Disavow

Google makes it smooth to disavow horrific hyperlinks. Bing has no direct disavow feature and has sunset the tool as of October 2023.

Winner: Google

User Interface

Unlike Google’s utilitarian design, Bing offers a greater present day, polished interface. That’s no longer necessarily a strike towards Google. It simply relies upon to your priorities. That polished interface might make gaining knowledge of the ropes simpler for brand spanking new customers.

Winner: Toss-up

So, Which Is Better?

On paper, it’d seem like Google is the clean winner, mainly if your priorities are disavowing one-way links and studying comprehensive user facts. It makes sense if your typical precedence is to attention on robust Google overall performance. You shouldn’t bargain the opportunities that Bing offers, however.

Focus on each platform’s precise information factors and search engine marketing possibilities as opposed to treating them the equal. Optimize your pages the use of insights tailor-made to how Bing and Google investigate websites.


What is Bing Webmaster Tools?

Bing Webmaster Tools is Microsoft’s provider to help webmasters improve their web page visibility in Bing seek results. Key platform functions consist of checking your web page’s health, optimizing its overall performance, and figuring out troubles impacting visibility.


Search engines are continuously evolving, as are the equipment that SEOs use to gauge their overall performance.

Google may also have marketplace dominance nowadays (and the next day). Still, thanks to advancements in generative AI and adjustments in how businesses method cookies, the landscape has by no means shifted more dramatically than within the beyond year. Don’t do your self a disservice with the aid of focusing on simply one platform.

By tapping into Bing Webmaster Tools, you’ll get insights from every other broadly used and effective search engine. Don’t forget about it and miss out at the chance to reach even greater customers.

Of route, there are only so many hours within the day. If you’re unsure a way to leverage multiple search engine marketing tools to look the satisfactory gain, maybe it’s time to associate with a person with the time (and knowledge) to apply them.

How much time have you spent running in the Bing Webmaster Tools? What are your favored capabilities?

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